Hawking buried next to Darwin and Newton

bf9367e1d6734b4cbac1e485f88a6f1b - Hawking buried next to Darwin and Newton

The axis of Stephen Hawking, who is buried in Westminster Abbey, a famous church in London. The physicist got his final resting place between famous scientists like Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

Hawking, who suffered from the neurological disease, died this year at the age of 76. The adding of the iconic scientist could count on huge interest of the audience. More than 25,000 people tried according to British media via a kind of lottery to get some tickets for the ceremony. Friends and family attended the ceremony.

The daughter of the physicist, Lucy, said that the voice of her father by the space agency, ESA, the space is sent. “The broadcast is in the direction of the nearest black hole sent”, the woman said in a statement. It is a message of ’peace, hope and unity’.

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