Girl (13) urges rapist himself via Facebook

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Velbert, germany – A 13-year-old girl from the German Velbert has her rapist know to track down via Facebook. The girl explained, then the police, that the man could quickly pick up.

According to the German newspaper, the 13-year-old girl on april 21 in a wooded area of estimated introduction. The girl was several times by the boys raped. When a hiker them caught, could the girl to be liberated. The perpetrators, boys between 14 and 16 years old, killed on the flight.

’In all possible groups sought’

Wolf-Tilman Baumert, spokesman of the public prosecutor Wuppertal, says that the girl is in all possible groups on Facebook for the perpetrators has searched for it because she felt the group previously to have seen. The 13-year-old German recognized one of the boys on the social network. Although the boy is a fake name used, knew the police on him to arrest him.

Still two suspects on the run

The rapist found his deed to have been filmed with his phone. So could the police a further five fellow suspects to pick it up. All the suspects are, according to Bild of Bulgarian origin.

After the arrest was the phone of the boy investigated and met with the police on the video that was made of the gang rape. Five fellow suspects could be arrested. According to Bild, are two other suspects still on free feet. The German police suspect that the two of them with their parents to Bulgaria have fled.

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