Gerard Joling is thinking about orgasms Angela de Jong

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Again, there is hard, in VI Orange stays at home. Thursday night pushed Gerard Joling at the table with Wilfred Genee. The singer seems very busy to keep up with the orgasms of columnist Angela de Jong…

Gerard Joling

When there is used to look back on the previous broadcast with Angela de Jong, takes Gerard Joling no sheet before the mouth. “I haven’t really enjoyed it. I found that the heavy had last night with those sweet people at the table”, that Joling was referring to the columnist.

“I must say, she is the best always the best very friendly, but I wonder if such a woman an orgasm can get.” Under says asks responds Wilfred himself why he thinks that. “She still has three children!” For Joling, however, that is not the answer. “That still says nothing at all? There, do you know yet everything that is?”

“It’s going to me more to the fact that they are always so negative,” explains Joling. “There must be something in the life which is always so written? Of course, it is great that this column has, because otherwise they might still be more acidic.”

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