FunX is committed to the FIGHT against Cancer

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Jongerenstation NPO FunX put a year in for the FIGHT against Cancer. The station raises money and calls attention to young people with cancer. Radio-dj Fernando Halman started the action for listeners to call with him to do the Dam to dam run for the KWF.

Fernando Halman

“In the Netherlands there is quite a lot of attention for cancer, but the focus is often on adults,” says program leader Sharid Everything. “Young people are not the largest group of patients, but also for them it means that their life completely turned upside down is thrown. Both when they themselves become sick, as when one of their parents or best friends to become sick. These young people, we want to give a voice and show them that hip hop there for them.”

In addition to the Dam-to-dam run on september 23, wants the youth radio station, even more projects. There are also portraits of young people with cancer. Hip hop wants the disease in this way, better discussable.

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