French police abuses refugee children

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PARIS – The French border police is battering minor asylum seekers who are on their own from Italy and France coming in and sends them illegally back. This writes Oxfam-Novib in the report Nowhere but Out, that the aid agency Friday presents.

Gendarmes and police are preparing for the checks on the way to the Col de l’Echelle, a passage used by migrants from Italy to France.

According to the report, children are without water, food or blankets, locked up in the cells, before embarking on the train to Italy to be put. In conflict with European rules, they get no legal guardian assigned, and agents change frequently, the information on their papers, so it seems that the children are older or return voluntarily to Italy. Oxfam-Novib accuses agents of the soles of shoes piece to cut sim cards to steal.

The children come from the overcrowded Italian refugee centres and stitches at Ventimiglia, the border. Between July 2017 and april 2018, according to the aid organization 16.500 migrants and refugees which route taken. A quarter of them are children. Adults in the EU have to apply for asylum in the country of entry, but for children that limitation.

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