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FIFA is investigating empty seats during the Egypt-Uruguay

e58f0dbf066571e01594d5fdbb71eb98 - FIFA is investigating empty seats during the Egypt-Uruguay

The Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA has opened an investigation into the reasons of the many empty seats during the meeting between Egypt and Uruguay Friday afternoon in Ekaterinburg on the second day of the world cup.

Several empty rows of orange seats on both sides of the field were clearly visible during the race. The were seats allowed were to supporters with the Russian nationality. Only the stands behind both goals, filled with spectators of, respectively, Egypt and Uruguay, were fully filled.

The many empty seats did the eyebrows frown at the FIFA, who had previously announced that the match is almost sold out. “We sold 32.278 tickets on a total of 33.061 seats” was the Wereldvoetbalbond. “The fact that the sold number of tickets not in conformity with the number of existing supporters will be examined.”

According to FIFA, more than 2.5 million tickets sold for the world cup. That are almost all available cards. Russian supporters bought 46 percent of those tickets.

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