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Eleven Flemish clubs protesting against back Linard

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The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) makes Friday night (19 hours) the balance of the season and the past year at the annual General Meeting. There will be a profitable 2017 proposed and under more ex-president, François De Keersmaecker gets a reward. But the atmosphere could be printed because of the eleven Flemish clubs protesting against back Gérard Linard.

It had, however, no stark Statutory General Meeting must be. Except for the mandate of Johan Timmermans as a representative of the Pro League within the Executive Committee of the belgian football association, had no we are against such to be entered. There was to be no new president is elected. The Executive Committee, the supreme body within the belgian football association, approved well that Linard until 2019 back would remain. However, had Linard, François De Keersmaecker afloste after a putch of the Pro League and the ACFF (French-speaking wing of the union), this year the maximum age of 75 years.

But this is where the problem lies. Eleven Flemish clubs (Eendracht Aalst White Star Schoonbeek-Beverst, ESK Leopoldsburg, Sporting FC Haren, White Star Desselgem, Zandvliet Sport, Cavities-Mopertingen, Racing Peer, Lindeboys Sporty Leut, KVVV Zepperen-Brustem and Sportkring Aalst) asked the belgian football association to an interpellation during the last General Meeting of the season. The clubs are not agree that Linard thanks to an exception to its mandate for another year longer to practice. The Executive Committee (by simple majority) decides the age limit of 75 years, with the feet to join to the good functioning of the belgian football association to guarantee, what it sounds like. The eleven Flemish clubs will make the decision Friday evening to denounce it.

Further, it is also to look into the financial figures of the belgian football association. Wednesday learned Belga that the belgian football association in 2017 to 1.8 million euros profit was made, nearly 1.3 million more than was budgeted. The Red Devils earned a positive net income of 2.6 million euros, but were still 1.9 million below expectations. For the year 2018 is counting the football association on a net profit of € 400,000, though the figures of the soccer world cup in Russia, in the calculation is not included. Financial Director of the belgian football association Tom Borgions gives Friday during the annual Statutory General Meeting further explanation of the figures.

To good practice, there are also a number of deletions (d.a. KSK Halle and White Star Brussels), connections and mergers (o.a. Sprimont Comblain and Banneux FC, UR Namur, and FC Fosses) is energized. The national teams, the champions from the various departments and at the clubs to be put in the flowers. Thus, the performance of the Red Devils and the Red Flames, overflow, receive more national champions Club Brugge a price, and the 75th anniversary of 56 clubs celebrated. Among them, Thes Sport Tessenderlo group and AS Ghlinoise.

Finally, a number of people have a bondsonderscheiding. So will honorary chairman François De Keersmaecker join the order of magnitude of the Baron de Laveleye, the highest award within the royal belgian football association, which is named after the first president. De Keersmaecker was eleven years president of the royal belgian football association, and last year was relieved by Linard. Also, among the more Michel D’hooghe, Constant Vanden Stock, Jan Peeters and Yves Leterme belong to the order of magnitude of the Baron de Laveleye. In addition, under more ex-referees Laurent Colemonts and Joeri Van De Velde elevated to the status of honorary members of the royal belgian football association. KV Mechelen-chairman Johan Timmersmans get a bondserepenning.

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