‘Einstein racist? No, we were just dirt’

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Shocking. Racist. No, the comments that Albert Einstein about the Chinese in his diaries dated – ‘dirty, stupid people ” – do not fall in good earth. But some Chinese react rather moderate.

The publication of some excerpts of the diaries from the years 20 of last century by Albert Einstein, when the physicist by Asia traveled had to be celebrated. That Einstein the more the Chinese describes as a ‘nijver, dirty, stupid people’ and comment on their ‘many descendants’ – ‘It would be a pity that the Chinese have all the other races would ignore them. For people like us, the idea alone is indescribably sad.’ – did quite a few eyebrows frown. Little subtle, offensive and even racist, found some.

But in China it seems not everyone is equally heavy to lift to those words. On Chinese social networks like Weibo are some of the reactions to remarkably moderate and even understanding. ‘Einstein went at the wrong time to China, quotes the British newspaper The Guardian , one of which Weibo user. ‘Hunger, poverty, war, weighed in that time, heavy on the Chinese population. How could they in such times Einstein engender respect?’

Some go a step further and give Einstein a resounding: “is this offensive to China? Ridiculous. Saw the Chinese there then, dirt? If I have pictures from that time see then they see there is, indeed, dirt. Einstein was how it looked like back then.’ Even Lu Xun, is achieved to that point: this famous and respected Chinese writer of the last century people moved there not for back to the small sides of the Chinese to describe what it sounds like.

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