Devious trick Boris Becker to creditors to shake off

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Former tennis player Boris Becker relies on his diplomatic immunity to prevent the faillisementsprocedure is started. According to him, there can be no seizure of his possessions are laid, because he is part of the diplomatic mission of the Central African Republic.

Boris Becker

In the documents submitted Thursday to the court in London have been submitted to read that Becker in this way, ’put an end to this farce, so that he get his life back again pick up. “There can be no legal proceedings against him be started as long as he is a diplomatic official, in any country”, so let his lawyers know.

Diplomats who are abroad a country to represent, can not be prosecuted. Boris was in april of this year envoy for Sports and Culture for the CAR.

Becker was in 2017 by a court in London declared bankrupt, owing a debt to a British privately owned bank. His lawyer said at the time that the ex-tennis player clumsy was in finance.

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