Conor McGregor expresses regret after the incident

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Conor McGregor had to apply to the court of New York report, as a result of an incident in which he the beginning of april involved. The martial artist has regret expressed for his actions.

Conor McGregor

He misdroeg the idea at a press conference of the UFC, the largest Mixed Martial Arts organization in the world, on the eve of a series of parties in New York, in which he, as the spectator was present. Also, he threw a hand truck through the window of a coach.

“I regret my actions that have me here today. Also I understand the seriousness of this matter and I hope that everything is resolved quickly”, says Conor across the media. ’The Notorious’ and his lawyer are hoping to conclude a deal with the prosecutors to get the fighter out of the prison. In the worst case, McGregor 7 year hum.

Where McGregor after his arrest a ’who me’ attitude assumed he was this time a lot calmer and seemed to he better realize what he has done and what it above the head. Next month should he re-sign in the court.

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