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Conference in Washington, D.C., on the topic of “Blockchain for social impact”

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A conference on the Blockchain for social impact was held recently at the U. S. Institute of Peace. The conference focused on the entire Blockchain-range, which applies to virtually every industry, and every job held by a concerned industry.

Blockchain for social impact

The conference was held in Washington, D.C., and included everything from Ethereum-entrepreneurs to crypto-curious international development workers. In spite of the broad spectrum of the members present, it was an opinion – people want to see results.

Among the topics discussed at the conference, the biggest challenges, the Blockchain were to, among other things, projects are currently being overcome. It also focused on two specific questions.

Problem: Many lack the understanding of the Problem you solve. Often those who have the Problem live through is missing from the development process.

Question: Who scores the results? Why use a Blockchain, instead of a database?


Robert Opp, Director of Innovation and change Management of the UN World Food program, spoke in his presentation about the Ethereum pilot project that distributed food to 10,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, this is the last question.

“If we had thought that this was not the end of the world food programme, then we would use a database. This is not the end point. This is the beginning.“

Sandra Hart from Oxfam was a additional realistic purpose. She is working on a Blockchain-a pilot program in Vanuatu. Your program uses blockchain-linked IDs to provide loans to up to 1,000 households were displaced by a recent volcano.

Right mesh is working to expand the free access to the Internet. Their product Manager for the Blockchain, Brianna MacNeil, told CoinDesk that your Startup have already recruited around 100 engineers in Bangladesh to develop applications for the upcoming Mesh network platform. Finally, the user can access it with your regular mobile devices on the Mesh network and a connectivity without WiFi.

Overall impression

Blockchain solutions for vulnerable population groups work best when they are co-operatively constructed with beneficiaries and community leaders, in order to Supplement local habits and infrastructure.

Many experts at the conference called for Blockchain-enthusiasts to develop applications in collaboration with various communities, not just for you.

Give Direct is can be used a good example of how crypto-currencies, in order to make donations more efficient. Another crypto-currency donations Fund was, however, closed recently.

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