Comedian (22) raped and murdered

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Melbourne – A 22-year-old comedian is just after her performance raped and murdered.

The 22-year-old comedian was murdered, and the police women gave the advice better to be careful.

The police gave then an opinion where the whole of Australia, over fell.

Eurydice Dixon sent after the performance, a message to her friend, with the question of whether he was good at home. Shortly afterwards, she was herself attacked, raped and murdered.

Very happy

“She was very happy that her performance went so smoothly was,” says her friend Tony Magnuson at Australian media.

The girl knew the way that they are hundreds and hundreds of times had come. The police suspect that they are miles long stalked before her killer struck.

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After the recherche bewakingsbeeld neighbour, reported the 19-year-old Jaymes Todd joined the police. He would have known.

In the aftermath of the murder gave the Australian police women, the advice is to always remain alert when they are alone at night walking. “Be aware of your surroundings. If you have a mobile phone and you’re worried, call the police.”

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A well-intentioned council, with many women going down the wrong way lap, as if it’s the fault of a woman is that she is being murdered.

Actress Elizabeth Blackmore was one of them. “Take responsibility for your own safety? What a horrible communication from the police. It is in no way the fault of this young woman that she was raped and was murdered on the way home.”

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