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Combination of new build and restoration for the Antwerp Maritime Museum

5a2550fa8c6d9ee6d3952cf564584244 - Combination of new build and restoration for the Antwerp Maritime Museum

The German-Dutch architectenteam of Atelier Kempe Thill has the competition won for the planned Maritime Museum on Antwerp’s Island. The jury chose a design that the currently still existing buildings of the droogdokkensite up integrates in the new complex, with a sober-looking new construction in between.

The museum will be from 2024 maritime heritage exhibit, but at the same time is also ” active in this museum’. ‘There will be workshops where you can see how maritime heritage restores, ” says alderman for Culture Caroline Bastiaens (CD&V). ‘There will also be space for temporary exhibitions, and outside it is the intention of the Droogdokkenpark by pulling.’

The total cost of the new building, the restoration of the workshops and the museum-like clothing is estimated at eighteen million euros. A part of that budget is likely to be of Flemish erfgoedsubsidies.

The final green light for the project will also pass by the next city council be given, but it is Bastiaens, say ‘very hopeful’.


The Doelse Kogge is the absolute masterpiece of the museum. That more than twenty metres long shipwreck of the fourteenth century, was in 2000 uncovered in the excavation of the deurganck dock, and is the oldest of its kind in Europe, was excavated.

It was then disassembled and in pieces ‘wet’ preserved. For the ship can be exhibited, the wood should still be handled and will ship on the spot again. What with the much less complete remains of a second excavated cog will happen is not yet clear.

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