China against Trump: trade war is officially

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WASHINGTON – The Chinese government has responded to the hefty import tariffs that president Donald Trump, of the United States has announced: the trade war is now officially unleashed.

Xi Jinping (left) and Donald Trump on archive view.

“The United States continues to change her mind and now has a trade war unleashed”, as in a declaration of the Chinese government. China wants no trade war’ but will ’vigorously fight back’ in the interest of the country and the global trading system. “We will immediately take measures to the scale and intensity of the Us will match”, sounds threatening.

Friday gave Trump his approval for import duties on Chinese goods, which have a retail value of $ 50 billion represent. On which products is an additional tax of 25 per cent will be levied. The president had already ordered in Chinese countermeasures: he would then re-import tariffs set. This is the starting gun for the race.

Europe and the Netherlands follow the ’war’ of import tariffs with a critical eye. VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland, proposed earlier today that the developments only for the ’nation’ of the Netherlands. “On balance, the know of these developments, only losers. (…) We also hope that the two world powers still fast to sensible agreements, because this is no good for anyone.”

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