Children separated from parents to border USA

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Almost two thousand children are separated from their parents at the border with America. The parents were arrested because they are undocumented the border was crossed.

These figures come from the government-Trump, which has a zero – tolerance policy related to illegal immigration. When people without valid papers for the border with the United States to cross, they will be arrested. The children are then to a foster family.

Thus, between 19 april and 31 may 1.995 minors separated from 1.940 adults. The U.s. border patrol takes migrants and keep them in place in anticipation of further persecution, said a spokesman of the ministry for Internal Security during a teleconference. He stressed that the government-Trump clearly has said, ” the law is no longer respected’.

According to Trump, legislation was introduced by the Democrats. He wants the law to adjust, but says that the Democrats spanner in the works throw. The law specifies, however, that children and adults must be separated, that is an interpretation of the government Trump.

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