Chantal Bles grateful for all the support

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Chantal Bles and her husband Robert Doornbos are in the last days buried under the steunbetuigingingen following the sad news that their daughter, a large tumor has. The stylist let know strength, hope and courage to draw from all the responses.

Chantal Bles

“There are no words for how grateful we are for the love and support that we have around us. It gives us strength, hope, courage and a huge heart to Jada age in good health to be together with her future brother and all the loved ones around her,” writes an emotional Blaze on Instagram.

“Fortunately, we can between the hospital visits by the occasional fun outings business and we enjoy like never before… Thank you for all the beautiful precious messages, cards, drawings, gifts, and balloons! Everything is preserved and recorded.”

Chantal Bles is currently expecting her second child. The little boy is this summer.

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