Catherine Zeta-Jones is tired to be modest

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Catherine Zeta-Jones has decided not to be more modest, because her life is fantastic. The 48-year-old actress is fed up that she still needs to apologize for her wealth, looks, career, success and good marriage with Michael Douglas.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

“I’m done. I do not say sorry more. I am the kotsbeu always modest should be, really. “Oh what sorry with that I am rich, that I am married to a movie star, sorry that I am not ugly I am. It is enough. I just don’t do it more,” says Zeta-Jones, to Bang Showbiz.

“The only thing I find important is my work. That I where I go crazy on am. My life is great. I have two beautiful children and a healthy and happy man. Everything is just so good. Also I’m going to get me no more excuses.”

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