Budget proposal European Commission, Belgium to billion per year cost

093461c26d583ab5cf9fcc97a05af0cf - Budget proposal European Commission, Belgium to billion per year cost

On the basis of the budget proposal of the European Commission, Belgium would in the least favorable scenario, each year 700 million to 1 billion euros extra must contribute to the European multi-annual budget 2021-2027. That confirms the cabinet of minister of the Budget Sophie Wilmès (MR).

The Commission has in recent weeks put forward detailed proposals for the next European multi-annual budget. That offered the states the opportunity to calculate what the impact will be on the national budgets if the proposal is accepted would be.

The Commission’s proposal for a European budget that is good for to 1.11 percent of the gross national income of the 27 member states, compared with roughly 1 percent between 2014 and 2020, would lead to an increase of the contribution of nettobetaler Belgium. The piste to the amount that member states are allowed to withhold on the collected customs duty to be halved from 20 percent to 10 percent would make our country relatively hard to take because those rights thanks to the port of Antwerp are high. The proposed reform of the agricultural policy in Belgium 220 million euros in costs. And on top of that comes the cost of Brexit for our country.

Added the cabinet of Wilmès in this scenario, at 700 million to 1 billion euros per year more for the Belgian budget. That is in line with previous estimates in march uitlekten in the newspaper Le Soir, which was 800 million euro. Wilmès points out that the werkhypotheses, that the calculations have been refined and that the negotiations between member states, Commission and European Parliament are yet to begin.

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