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Bitcoin, Ripple, IOTA, and Monero totter: when will the bull?

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The Downtrend of the last few days seems to be for the time being, come to a standstill, and many crypto-currencies will move sideways. The message of the Bitcoin and Ethereum are no securities, announced yesterday an initial ignition for a short-term upswing.

Even though it headlines this week, and last week was no big negative, there was a small Flash Crash, since last Saturday night, nearly 40 billion dollars in capital from the market, fin. Since then, the market tries to stabilize. At the time of writing, the market capitalization is still 45 billion lower than the last Saturday before the Crash occurred.

The eternal discussion on the classification of the crypto-currencies as the value of paper seems to be, meanwhile, in the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum for the time being, finished. As we already reported, did not William Hinman, Director of the division of Corporation Finance at the SEC, and that all the transactions of the Ethereum network, apply to work as part of the securities transactions (in accordance with its current view).

The price of Bitcoin moves since then, within the last 24 hours sideways and recorded a slight Plus of + 1,49 percent, at a price of 5.598,83 dollars. The price of Ethereum rises to 507,29 Dollar and recorded a gain of + 6,03 percent.

The last high expectations of Ripple has been attenuated in an Interview by David Schwartz, chief cryptographer at Riplpe, told Reuters. He stated that the Feedback from the banks regarding the use of Ripple’s XRP software solution fails. Schwartz sees the reason in the not-yet-adequate scalability of the Ripple Blockchain. Furthermore, only a small fraction take advantage of the XRP-Token, and the Distributed Ledger.

The price of XRP is moving sideways and is at the time of writing of 0.55 dollars and can in order to + 0.57 per cent .

IOTA this week, together with its Partner Volkswagen to delight with its presentation at the Cebit audience. Furthermore, recently, new Details have been released to Qubic, the project’s large potential in view. In view of the forthcoming cooperation between IOTA and the UNOPS (office for project services the United Nations), there was a first Interview with Yoshiyuki Yamamoto, special adviser for UN-Engagement and the Blockchain technology, in the case of UNOPS.

Yamamoto is looking forward to the challenge and sees a great opportunity for both sides to develop new technologies and applications and in the practice test. Unfortunately, he gave no precise time horizon, or a Roadmap for the price, which explains steps in Detail.

In the course of IOTA moves, similar to the current market trend, sideways and recorded a minimal increase of + 0.91 percent at a price of 1.28 dollars. IOTA can compete with a market capitalization of $ 3.5 billion remains for TRON on place 9.

The Cryptocurrency Monero is considered to be (almost) untraceable, and is therefore of great popularity in the use of Malware mining attack. A new study found that almost 80 percent of Monero with Mining Malware to be dug out of the ground. Although the results of this study should be treated with caution, it clearly shows that Monero among hackers is very popular.

The price of Monero (XMR) also tends to move sideways and currently stands at 128,43 Dollar with a minimum rate of growth of 0.41 percent. With a market capitalization of just under $ 2 billion, evidenced by Monero space 14 of the largest crypto currencies in the world.

The next time will show, whether and when sustained can be overcome by the end of Downtrend.

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