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BISON – the German Trading App for Bitcoin & co.

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BISON is the world’s first App for trading crypto-currencies, behind the traditional stock exchange. The Name is program: it’s not about bull or a bear, because crypto is a completely new asset class of currencies. Developed the App from the Fintech Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of the Stuttgart stock exchange. Starting in September, BISON allows private investors in Germany, the easy, secure and fee-free trading with crypto-currencies.

The prices of Bitcoin & co. vary widely, the euphoria of cryptocurrencies has only placed once. However, the interest of investors continues to grow: recently, the results of the Postbank digital study 2018 showed that almost every second German can imagine, in the age group between 18 and 34 years of crypto-currencies as a financial investment.

What is lacking in many who is Interested, is an easy and reliable access to the crypto market. According to a survey by Sowa Labs, lack of security and technical complexity are the main reasons why private investors to invest in crypto-currencies.

It is precisely here that the Trading App BISON, in order to make crypto-Commerce in Germany to the masses. The focus is on a simple user interface and a fast registration. The opening of a user account on trading platforms for the most part, several days, it will take up to unlock to trade at BISON just a few minutes.

Complexity and cost are also an issue, if investors are able to research and have an opinion on crypto-currencies want to make. Therefore, BISON offers an innovative crypto radar, the analyses on the Basis of artificial intelligence every day over 250,000 relevant Tweets. The user receives in real time a current picture of the mood to currencies tradable Crypto.

The crypto radar on the BISON Website shows the mood in Bitcoin & co.

A key advantage of the BISON, both for beginners as well as experienced crypto Trader is that the App requires no trading fees. Only the margin between buying and selling prices in the trade for the investor to book. As BISON will be connected to a variety of market places, users have also the Chance to get a better price than if you trade on a single place.

First of all, the four largest crypto makes BISON currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether and Ripple tradable. After successful registration the user can buy these crypto-currencies at any time via his Smartphone and sell. Without the technical expertise: The creation of a crypto Wallet is not necessary. Through the cooperation with the Stuttgart stock exchange how in terms of availability and reliability of the trading system in the App is also a long-standing Know-how.

To Start in September, BISON in the German language for iOS as well as Android, the popular App Stores. A browser version is not planned yet. Who wants to be with BISON, you can be on the Website of the App on a VIP list. In this way, one participates in a sweepstakes to win, among other things, three times a whole Bitcoin.

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