“Bella Hadid has Dior logo on back branding’

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Bella Hadid is already more than two years as the face of Dior, but you may have to take the model that role now something to seriously. Hadid wears except the make-up of the brand, is now also a brand of Dior on her back.

Bella Hadid

The 21-year-old fine has to Elle magazine explained how they meet the letters CD on her back. “I was visiting with a friend in Monaco and we went boating. We ate a big bowl of delicious pasta, but after that I was so tired that I fell asleep.”

“I wore a bikini from Christian Dior, and since I am so taking a nap in the sun did it, now I have the logo in my back. Fortunately, it is a nice brand!”, jokes Hadid.

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