Belgian minister caused traffic jams

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Brussels – You would rather be in Zimbabwe expect, but also with our southern neighbour happens. A Belgian minister has several times with screeching sirens in escort by the land transport causing massive traffic jams arise.

All aside in Belgium, because the minister is coming! Our neighbours get annoyed blue.

The Belgians on the motorway E314 and E40 resent green and yellow to the police-caravan of minister Steven Vandeput that langsgiert while they are on the side to be printed. That would be up to three times per week to happen, writes The Newspaper.

Commute from Limburg to Brussels is definitely no fun. Forty kilometers to the capital to start the files. And there has to the minister on the way to the office no time at all. The ordinary people must but aside.

“The most infuriating is the escort of minister Vandeput,” says a commuter who took a picture of the scene and that The Newspaper sent. “Today, we are up to three times per week all pushed aside by Military Police (MP) on the engine Vandeput in his big BMW through the file guides. From him in Hasselt to his ministry in Brussels.”

“Infuriating,” the bulk of the commuters. “And hurry behind. I always wonder: who has our back in the war declared?” schertst a policeman, who is in the same file, and also already a few times on the lanes was forced. “I like to go to the side for an ambulance or colleagues in the combi. But this? Annoyingly, it is.”

“The MP’s are forcing us to the side with violent armgebaren. The minister will be right behind. On the E314 and E40. There he goes drinking between the third and fourth lanes to drive.”

A spokeswoman for the minister says to the newspaper that “the escort is one of the benefits is that a minister of Defence enjoy”. Denied that he would often do.

Also the trade union that the motoragenten represents is not happy. “Hopefully moderate his escorts. Because that MP’s still have a lot of other work.”

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