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Back in Green: NEO rises sharply, TRON makes announcement

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The entire crypto-market, writes the green and the market capitalization is increasing step by step. Especially NEO was able to benefit within the last 24 hours, and a two-digit rate of growth. TRON gave a Tweet for agitation, and hot discussions.

The market capitalization has increased from 7 days low of 249 billion to $ 272 billion dollars. All crypto-currencies have different benefits greatly from the small, short-term recovery.

The current volatility of the market holds great opportunities for profits within the shortest possible time. Nevertheless, it can be set in the case of carelessness, a lot of capital in the Sand.

The Cryptocurrency NEO was within the last 24 hours, with 15,48 per cent, the largest Rise within the Top 10. The price per NEO-Coin rose to 54,11 dollars, with a corresponding market capitalisation of 3.5 billion dollars.

If the price keeps rising in the longer term, and may continue to rise, the next few days. NEO will receive in April, especially a lot of attention in our Latitudes, because of the 17.04.2018 the NEO European Tour starts. Representative of the NEO team will be in Amsterdam, Vienna, Lisbon, Zurich and Madrid for Hackathons, Meetups and Workshops present.

TRON was able to achieve a large rate increase, however, Justin Sun announced via Twitter that the Testnet has after a week of more than 2,500 Nodes in 31 countries.

Thus, the Testnet is developed as planned, and the Expansion into other countries, especially to South Korea to start. On 06.04.2018 Justin Sun TRON compared to Twitter with Ethereum and stated that TRON was the Ethereum project is in many points superior. Especially the toll-free Pay, as well as the very widely used Java programming language (compared to Solidity) to make TRON a Ethereum Killer.

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, replied appropriately and pointed out the “patterned paper”, without further discussion.

This comparison TRON brings attention to it. However, it seems from our point of view at the present time, the project is still too early to compare with already established and much more developed projects. A little Shitstorm has to TRON, according to this Tweet, in any case, plugging it in.

The only thing that has TRON so far is a working Testnet, which was launched a few days ago. The Launch of the Mainnet is still imminent and will take place on 31.05.2018. Only after that will show whether the hyped TRON can meet the ambitious goals in the long term.

Of course, TRON has not moved within the last 24 hours almost, and is available at a price of 0,0377 dollars and a market capitalization of 2.4 billion dollars.

The next few days and weeks will show where the journey for TRON.

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