All summer long football on A

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After the end of the soccer world cup remains the One in the spell of the ball. Know The Importance Of Limburg. From 30 July, goes on everyday in primetime the Dutch dramareeks ‘Voetbalmaffia’ broadcast. Herein, we follow a footballer Johnny who is in Italy playing. After the disappointing performance and a quarrel with the chairman putting his club him on the transfer list. This is the beginning of his descent into the shadowy world of criminal goknetwerken. Here, the players are not the star of the field, but only a commodity. ”Matchfixing is the biggest threat to football. Worldwide each and every year for the 750 billion dollar bet on soccer results. Recent studies show that also in the Netherlands, players, and clubs under the influence of the gokmaffia,” says producer Jan Albert de Weerd.

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