Aid agency Oxfam, 18 million euros lost by seksschandaal

c4e97cde45fd6f2a329519c75bc3da5f - Aid agency Oxfam, 18 million euros lost by seksschandaal

In the aftermath of the seksschandaal around Oxfam, the aid organization for 18 million euros is going to save. This has the British public broadcaster BBC Friday reported.

As a result of the seksschandaal have thousands of people their donations to Ofxam stopped. Grants from the British government fell also. With as result that Ofxam should go cut in his tools. It will, however, focus mostly on its headquarters and support functions to ensure that the lion’s share of the field work can continue.

Last year Oxfam for 408,6 million pound revenues, knows the BBC.


Oxfam is discredited come around seksfeestjes of staff with prostitutes in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. According to a report, people were there instead of being helped by the employees are also bullied and intimidated. Seven employees, including the Belgian Oxfam-leader Roland van Hauwermeiren for Haiti, had to leave. In Chad, it would be to similar incidents.

In addition, the organization will be accused of being a and another under the mat to have swept.

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