A lot of famous voices in animated film Fell

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In the new Dutch animated film Fell: dare to fly are plenty of well known Dutch people such as Martijn Fischer, Klaas van Kruistum, Tygo Gernandt and Manou Jue Cardoso to hear.

Tygo Gernandt

Fell tells the story of a young and cheerful bird who only need to spend the winter after his family without him to the south is drawn.

The voice of Fluffling is played by Teddy Ortanca, Klaas van Kruistum plays Skua, Tygo Gernandt is the voice of the villainous falcon, Shadow, Martijn Fischer is Giron and Manou Jue Cardoso takes the voice of Ploveria for her account.

Teddy Ortanca is especially known for his rendition of Kruimeltje in the eponymous musical and Brammetje in the musical Ciske de Rat. Fluffling is released by Just4Kids and Just Film Distribution and is, from 12 July to be shown in Dutch cinemas.

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