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YOVO mobile wireless network relies on Stellar lumen Blockchain

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YOVO is supposed to be the world’s first cellular network, that on the Blockchain-technology based. The Team is aware of the Stellar lumen Blockchain, because these offers according to YOVO the best conditions for the further development of the project.

YOVO is a Startup out of London that Malta has been selected as the site for further development, as on the small island block chain rule-friendly conditions for companies.

The company has contacts with 500 mobile partners in more than 130 countries. The 30-member Team wants to bring the Alpha Version of your product “YOVO GO” this month on the market. With YOVO GO, it should be possible to pay for mobile services, which are normally paid for with the Euro or the national currencies, crypto-currencies (freely translated):

With our universal Service YOVO GO, you can pay your phone bill almost everywhere, with crypto, with the support of over 500 operators around the world, from the first day.

A financing round of more than 20 million euros in the further research work should be driven to Malta.

YOVO is set for the use of your digital SIM card on the Stellar lumen Blockchain, offers these quick transactions with extremely low fees. YOVO takes (freely translated):

As the first mobile network, which is supported by the Blockchain, we have decided to be Stellar, as it handles transactions with low-cost for the end user.

The Stellar Protocol allows us to work with high speed and to innovate.

In addition to YOVO IBM and the Kin Foundation are already in the potential of the Stellar lumen Blockchain convinced and use this as the basis for many projects. Since YOVO is a very young project, there are at the current time, no white paper to read. We have requested one and will give an Update as soon as we receive it.

The rate of Stellar Lumens (XLM), in line with the current market trends, sideways and recorded a small increase of + 2.35 percent within the last 24 hours. With a market capitalisation of 3.6 billion euros, Stellar currencies still occupies the 8th place of the greatest Crypto in the world.

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