Young millionaires in Telefacts Summer

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In Telefacts Summer brings Julie Colpaert every Tuesday and Thursday a selection of reports from the past year. It again promises a mix of intriguing stories, captivating portraits, emotional testimonies, and relaxing stories. The first Telefacts Summer gives us an insight into the life of some wealthy twentysomethings.

Their peers, leaving only the school and go to work on their account, it gradually to thicken. The accounts of the young millionaires from the first broadcast bulging all thoroughly. They are already among the one percent richest people in the world, and that stitches them under chairs or sofas. Caviar at breakfast? For the 25-year-old Emir bahadır re-established is a habit. “Some people drink champagne for breakfast. Most people eat caviar for breakfast because it is healthier than the evening to eat or drink,” he says, with vast face.

We also see the 28-year-old Cathy Lugner. A luxeleventje was for her always a dream. That dream became a reality when she married the 57-year-old billionaire Richard Lugner. The marriage did only two years, but her expensive lifestyle, she wants to not give up. Back to her old job or a cheap car to drive? That is, they are not going. “That would be insane”, it sounds. They are young, handsome and do nothing rather than spend their money on him. Because if you don’t show that you have money, then count it. Watch Young Millionaires, tonight at 21.55 at VTM, or where you are on the No time? You the broadcast can also record! Via TV Replay you watch the broadcast for up to 36 hours later!

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