Woman Will Smith was thinking of suicide

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Jada Pinkett Smith in the American talk show, Megyn Kelly Today told struggled with suicidal tendencies. The actress said in some periods so sad to feel, that the deprivation of her own life at that time, the right solution seemed to be.

“Life is a journey that helps us to a place where we can heal,” said the wife of hollywood star Will Smith. “I wish that I could have that wisdom at the time someone shared had when I was so rotten it felt. That someone told me had that, all would be well, because at the end, always good. Keep courage and don’t give up, that is what I want to pass on to other people.”

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Jada wanted to like parts ’because there are so many people who are against obstacles up’. By the recent zelfdodingen of designer Kate Spade and television chef Anthony Bourdain, is to seek help for mental health problems currently again in the news in the United States.

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