Who are the victims in the season finale at Home?

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The last months were very intensive recording for the traditional season finale of Home. Now, yes, so traditional is that now also not because at Home takes thanks to the world cup in Russia already in the past parting of the viewer. Thursday night there is the extra-long season finale, and one and another to happen, or at least that’s hope for the fans. The season finale of last year was on the social media buried under the criticism and that will be the creators of Home may not be able to afford. It was also a season in which a lot happened. The Latest News and put one and another at a glance. There fell this season a whopping 4 dead, there was the kidnapping of Waldek and Simonne, there were five new relationships, two births, two marriages, three huwelijksaanzoeken and 6 liefdesbreuken. There is that of Waldek and Mayra are not, the chances are that one or more of these numbers tonight changes anything.

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