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While “dolgelukkige” Lopetegui is proposed by Real Madrid, there is “begrafenisstemming” in Spain

c4f4047849a26489458f7ce3aefc361c - While “dolgelukkige” Lopetegui is proposed by Real Madrid, there is “begrafenisstemming” in Spain

Real Madrid in Thursday night Julen Lopetegui proposed as a new coach. “Yesterday was the triestigste day of my life since the death of my mother. But today is the happiest,” he said.

After Tuesday bekendraakte that Lopetegui in the Champions Leaguewinnaar Zinedine Zidane would follow, he was a day later promptly sacked as coach of the Spanish national team. La Roja during the world cup in Russia to be led by Fernando Hierro, the sporting director of the Spanish football association.

“I had hoped that back Rubiales else would tackle,” said the 51-year-old Lopetegui. “For the players of the Spanish team, I feel only love and respect. I ask them professionally and hope that they are the fantastic goal can achieve the win of the world Cup.”

“I realize in which club I have come”, he continued. “There is a demand here the maximum. I’m going to give it their all in order to meet the requirements of this club and to prove to myself.”

“Removal was out of proportion”

Realvoorzitter Florentino Perez came back at the notable timing, in which Real the name of his new coach announced. “We wanted to be transparent for the start of the world cup and wanted to leak avoid. There is no reason to find out why Julen Lopetegui tomorrow not on the bench of the Spanish team would be able to sit. His removal was disproportionate and not correct.”

Sergio Ramos: “We are here just at a funeral”

“It looks here like we’re in an undertaker,” responded Spanish captain Sergio Ramos, meanwhile, at the press conference a day for the first world cup match against Portugal. Ramos suggested to the outside world and take. “The cast of actors shows no apathy. We are ready for the duel with Portugal on Friday.”

“I would this conference want to start with a smile”, opened Ramos. “This is like a funeral, and that while our Friday world cup begins. The player base is ready for it. Everyone has the desire. For us, this all remains with the old. We go in search of the world title.”

The Spanish camp was Wednesday rocked by the sudden resignation of coach Julen Lopetegui. He was back Luis Rubiales at the door, after bekendraakte that he next season, the successor of Zinedine Zidane as T1 (Real Madrid). Lopetegui was then replaced by Fernando Hierro.

“Personally I find it a difficult time,” continued Ramos. “But I will keep my questions for myself. I can assure you that those problems are also opportunities to grow. This is going to become stronger. Further, we must as a group also enjoy this world cup. Because if done, the four years wait.”

Spain start Friday night (20h00) to his world CHAMPIONSHIP. In Sochi will find La Roja in an Iberian derby European champion in Portugal.

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