“We have special stands made’

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Spoiler alert – On the third day, seem the female participants of Temptation Island VIPS in Mexico not about their encounter with the verleidsters. After some tame dates, it looks to be that the only really exciting is during a party on the island of the bound men…

On date follow Stefano and Tessa a lesson, and acro yoga. Stefano confirms just opposite to the camera that if a date touch need this is no problem. Already know, sweetie Gelina still not that he has chosen to date to go with Tessa, who is so opposed to her ranting went on at the meeting. While one of the couple bending over difficult positions and Tessa still just as loud report that they are ” special positions have done’, start Jay and Amijé on a ride. On a horse, that is. Jay rediscovered during the horse why he looks so afraid.

“I notice that the attraction is there and we have fun together,” says Niels during his date with Fabiola. Meanwhile, see Rosanna a Baywatch-career for herself and her date. Joel sees in its turn, what else in the future happen. “She’s going to fall, anyway,” he says a tad arrogant for the camera.

Stefano does to particular positions during a lesson in acro yoga with Tessa.

Donny has a safe selection made for the hoarse Thrush. “She’s not exactly my type, I am not hot, but she is really nice”, says Roelvink-scion. Ruud, who is known for his ’greatest Temptation’ has chosen to dive a cave in. Although this is not the cave of the red-haired Danique.

Ruud’s girlfriend, Rowena, going to be the temptation out of the way. It is therefore not totally surprising that during the vegan vreetdate nothing worth mentioning happened. Gelina chose Vinz, who, during a boat trip hours if listening to the uncertain mumbo jumbo about her father, ” and they say that they do trust, only the women around him.


After the first rocket was fired – a new appear part in the program is full of temptations – there is total panic at Gelina. Typically, because such an arrow is according to tv presenter Yolanthe into the air, launched as soon as one of the participants in the other villa makes a mistake. In this case, it went to Ruud, that his bedroom wanted to show it to a seductress. Rowena after the best don’t care, but that could easily change after the first campfire.

With thanks to Ruud is the first rocket in the air in gone.


About Ruud, that notoriety gained by his participation in Utopia, you can say a lot, but he is tempted out of the way. The note to his buddies as ” I had a moment last of my cap when she was horny was going to do, I felt it was a little itch. I think: I want her n**ken’ the rocket that went off as soon as he seductress Charissa to his bedroom went, the first necessary dose of tension. Charissa says here about himself: “I found it today just time that there was a rocket in the air. I can’t wait”, while Rowena hopeful after the fireworks says: “I just do not think that it is much with Ruud, to be honest.”


Niels, who had already participated in Temptation Island, does not seem to have learned much of his time in Thailand, now he naively listen to all the geslijm of Fabiola. He seems to be but not enough to be able to get her allusions and abundance of attention.


The hysteria that arises after the first rocket is launched at Gelina. If you sign up for such a program, you would expect that you are not directly in whine erupts as soon as there is something to go wrong.

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