’Unanimity’ about sanction North Korea

3dee1c73f0c16b55c74c7fa6cb155e1b - ’Unanimity’ about sanction North Korea

BEIJING – North Korea will only have to rely on relief from the international sanctions if it can demonstrate that all nuclear weapons are dismantled. That said the American minister Mike Pompeo (Foreign Affairs), who let us know that China, South Korea and Japan, that view support.

“These three countries have assented to it all that it is important that the current sanctieregime remains intact until the moment that the denuclearization process is complete”, the minister said during a visit to Beijing. He called it encouraging that the countries agree on that point of view.

The leaders of the United States and North Korea, spoke this week in Singapore to discuss denuclearisering. It was agreed that the regime of Kim Jong un’s work will make of “the full denuclearisering of the Korean peninsula”, not to speak, when that goal is exactly reached.

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