UN condemns violence of Israel against Palestinians

723d18acace74cbbc87e319c790fca49 - UN condemns violence of Israel against Palestinians

NEW YORK – The General Assembly of the United Nations condemns Israel for using excessive violence against Palestinian civilians. UN secretary-general, António Guterres, was invited to an “international protection” recommended for the occupied Palestinian territories.

The General Meeting adopted a resolution with 120 votes for and eight against. 45 countries abstained from voting. The resolution was submitted by Algeria, Turkey and Palestine. Earlier this month, a similar resolution in the UN Security council blocked by a veto from the United States.

More than 120 Palestinians since march 30, perished by violence from Israeli forces in grensprotesten in Gaza. The largest number of deaths fell on 14 may, the day on which the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to move.

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