Trump calls Robert De Niro ‘an individual with low IQ’

5421df8b9d08befb8191d7072b0cea95 - Trump calls Robert De Niro 'an individual with low IQ'

The American president, Trump has Twitter taken to Robert De Niro. That he did on the occasion of the actor’s speech at the presentation of the Tony Awards. There said De Niro twice “Fuck Trump!” and received a standing ovation for.

The American actor Robert De Niro has already often been criticized on its head of state. That was also the case during the presentation of the Tony Awards, the American theaterprijzen, where he is on stage, Bruce Spingsteen had to announce. He made use of the opportunity to “Fuck Trump!” call, after which he with loud applause his fists in the air stuck.

Although Trump to say “around the clock” had to work to his meeting with Kim Jong-Un to prepare for, he has apparently still found time to De Niro’s rant. He responded with a tweet in which De Niro “an individual with a low IQ”.

“Robert De Niro, an individual with a very low IQ, has too many blows to the head received by real boxers in movies. I viewed it and I think he was dazed from all the blows that he has collected”, it sounds. The president this seems to refer to ‘Raging Bull’, the successful biographical film about boxer Jake LaMotta, in which De Niro in the leading role played and for which he won an Oscar.

“I think he does not realize that the economy has never been so good with the highest rate of employment ever, and many businesses back to our country. Wake up, Punchy!”

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