Three dead in shooting at campagnebijeenkomst AKP in Turkey

9fe31393d527af1603229c281659b462 - Three dead in shooting at campagnebijeenkomst AKP in Turkey

In a campagnebezoek of Ibrahim Halil Yildiz, member of parliament and partijgenoot of president Erdogan, to the city of Suruç in southeastern Turkey, has a shooting occurred. It fell, according to Turkish media, at least three dead and eight wounded.

According to the media, was shot when a fight broke out involving the entourage of the AKP member of parliament, Ibrahim Halil Yildiz was involved during his visit to the town of Suruç, in the predominantly kurdish southeast of Turkey near the Syrian border.

About the circumstances of the shooting were different versions. The state news agency Anadolu reported that Yildiz and his followers were attacked by opponents with sticks and knives armed. The brother of the parliamentarian is one of the three deaths, reported the news agency. Supporters of the pro-Kurdish party HDP according to Anadolu, involved in the attack.

But pro-Kurdish media attributed the attack to the guards of Yildiz. That would the fire have opened a market in the predominantly Kurds-populated city, after the member of parliament, a hostile reception received from the market traders.

The office of the local governor in the province of Saliurfa informed again that ‘a fight between two groups erupted, was’ during the visit of the representative and that three people were killed and nine other were injured.

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