This are the most beautiful buttocks of the Netherlands!

01adb9c41e2830b7c067a0cbb860769b - This are the most beautiful buttocks of the Netherlands!

With a large majority of the readers of FHM the buttocks of shorttrackster Suzanne Schulting voted as the most beautiful of the Netherlands. The olympic champion, crushed by more than 28 percent of the votes in the competition.

“Haha, well thank you very much!”, let Suzanne know in a first reaction to the monthly magazine. “I feel very honored. It is not that I express my best do for my buttocks. I train for skating, and that my buttocks so well is a nice bonus.”

On the question of whether she often compliments about her impressive derriere, she replies: “My friend is very happy with it, haha. I do get compliments, but not every day, that would also be a bit weird. I do there are no specific exercises for. For the skating I do exercises like the squats, I make schaatssprongen, and train you of course your buttocks.”


It is already the third “title” for Suzanne this year, because earlier, she won all the gold on the 1,000 m short track at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchangging and she recently ran off with the title most Beautiful Sportswoman of the Netherlands (FHM).

Model Keisha of of the District received 16 percent of the votes and became the second. Fitnessgoeroes Sandra Prikker and Fajah Lourens fell just outside the podium. In total there were more than 10,000 votes cast in the election.

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