The japanese, now an adult at eighteen, but sake should not

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From 2022 will Japanese the stage of adult officially already on their eighteenth, in place of twenty years. They are more likely to be able to marry and loans. But with gambling, or drink alcohol they will still have to wait.

Japan carries out in 2022 for the first time in 140 years, a major change in the Civil Code. Japanese are from then on their eighteenth birthday, considered as adult, instead of in their twentieth. That youth will not, however, be able to celebrate with a few glasses of sake, because gambling and alcohol continue to be prohibited until they are twenty.

What they now already two years earlier can do: a credit card applications, loans, or marry without the permission of their parents. And if they are transgender are: officially change gender. Votes may prevent violence in school already since 2015.

With the wetsverandering hopes the Japanese government that young people are quicker to actively participate in the social and economic life, because that is necessary in the rapidly ageing country. People over 65 make more than a quarter of the Japanese population.


All the Japanese kimono-producers less enthusiastic about lowering the age of majority. That a new group of Japanese people to the stage of maturity reached, is traditionally celebrated with a ceremony in kimono, on the second Monday of January. But it is also a time when a lot of unit pressure in the study for their entrance exam at the university, which feared that many of the ceremony will skip. And so, no kimono will be necessary.

‘The meerderjarigheidsceremonie was about the last straw where our industry could cling, at a time when less and less people have a kimono to wear, ” says the owner of a kimono shop to the Japan Times.

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