Smugglers 25 years of the cell before death, 71 are migrants

BUDAPEST – A Hungarian court has 25 years of imprisonment imposed on four members of a gang of human traffickers that 71 migrants left choking in a truck. They left the truck with the bodies, then behind next to a highway in Austria.

The authorities found the bodies of the 59 men, 8 women, 4 children in 2015 in the abandoned truck. The Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi refugees had for their death, tried to attract the attention of the human traffickers, said the authorities. They cried for help and beat in vain against the walls of the trailer.

The macabre discovery was led at the time to shocked reactions. The Public prosecution charged the suspects that they are the supplication of the stitching migrants ignored. The driver of the truck would be his boss by telephone repeatedly have commented on the situation, but was told that the doors would not open. He obeyed.

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