Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong sees her children after a long time again

9f6ad76cbd1b7265a12fd88e651fb6c9 - Samantha 'Barbie' de Jong sees her children after a long time again

The former realityster Samantha de Jong, better known as Barbie, was with her two children reunited. The Young posted Thursday, several pictures on Instagram showing them together on the birthday of her son Milan celebrating.

“Last weekend I had after a long time finally again my two kids with me and with his three heaps we were complete again,” writes the realityster at her picture.

“Bill (my dream has come true and I have very hard to have to fight. Mike and Naomi, you guys thank you so much for the confidence after such a difficult time.”

After the attempted suicide of The Young in January, Milano (3) and Angelina (6) by their father, Michael van der Plas and his new girlfriend Naomi in Spain.

A week ago The Young via Instagram to let you know that the birthday of her son was not allowed to celebrate and that they are all ten weeks had not seen. She has her children during short visits would be seen.

Do you want to talk about suicide, go to or call the helpline for suicide prevention: 0900 – 0113.

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