Russian politician: ‘No sex with men of a different race during world cup’

a48cc3f46aaf2d0a8d3e896d03945b0f - Russian politician: ‘No sex with men of a different race during world cup’

The Russian parliamentarian Tamara Pletnjova Russian women a clear warning is given. ‘Do not go from bil with non-white men. Your children will abandon it.’

Russian women get the board to not subject the sheets to diving with foreigners in large numbers for the world cup to Russia down. They walk according to Tamara Pletnjova, the chairman of the Russian parliamentary committee on Family, Women and Children, the risk to single mothers. On the eve of the world cup, she gives women on the radio station Govorit Moskva, the council is better to have a partner of the same race.”

Pletnjova also warns for a possible increase in the number of single mothers. “These children suffer and have suffered, even since the time of the soviet government,” she says in the interview.

‘Not a nationalist, but…’

‘Well, if they are of the same breed. If it is of a different race, then that’s even worse, ” she said. “We need to have our own children in the world. I am not a nationalist, but still. I know that children are suffering and that they are left behind and here at the mother.”

Even if marry Russian women with their foreign partner, then they can in the foreign land without knowing how they went home to times, said the parliamentarian. “I wish that people in our country marry for love,” she said. ‘No matter what nationality, if they are citizens of Russia, a good family, living together, children of the world and raise them.’

‘Children of the Olympics”

After the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 brought Russian women children in the world who according to the interviewer, ‘children of the Olympics’.

News portal Radio Free Europe notes that in Russia three years in a row a decline in the birth rate is recorded.

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