Robbie Williams kicks football world cup af

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With three of his biggest hits has Robbie Williams Thursday the soccer world cup in Russia opened. Robbie and the Russian opera singer Aida Garifoellina organized the opening ceremony for the openingsduel between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Robbie started with a short version of Let Me Entertain You, followed by a number of Garifoellina. Robbie also sang a shortened version of Feel, and then he Garifoellina Angels played, brought. While the song was on the field a small role for the Brazilian former international Ronaldo. Also, the flags of the 32 participating countries being the Netherlands, there is this world cup.

After the performances of Robbie and Aida met with the Russian president Vladimir Putin and Gianni Infantino, the president of the wereldvoetbalbond FIFA, the audience.

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