Rijksmuseum gives tours on Pauperparadijs

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Because The Pauperparadijs this summer is at the Royal Theatre Carré, the Rijksmuseum with guided tours about the story behind the show. Author of the eponymous bestseller, Suzanna Jones, says every week about the background of the successful theatre spectacle. She does that together with the tour guides of the State.

In addition, the visitors along the portrait of general Johannes van den Bosch, one of the protagonists in the story. He sent two hundred years ago, the ‘paupers’ to armengestichten in Drenthe for a re-education. Jones drew for the story from her own family history. ,,I think it’s important that we have this story continue to tell because it is still up to date. Wonderful that I now also can do so on the basis of objects from the Rijksmuseum.”

The performance is about the young Amsterdam be Teunis, that Drenthe is deported and there falls in love with Cato, the daughter of a jailer. The piece, that the last two summers in Veenhuizen was to be seen, from 4 July to 5 August at the Carré.

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