Rebel Wilson deducted from payout lasterzaak

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An Australian court has the amount that Rebel Wilson would get after winning a lasterzaak drastically reduced.

Rebel Wilson

Last year won the Australian actress a case against publisher Bauer Media. Wilsom claimed that they found in some articles, erroneously, as a aartsleugenaar was portrayed, allowing them to film roles misliep. A district court had the tijdschriftuitgever ordered to its 4.5 million Australian dollars (equivalent to about eur 2.9 million) – a record for an Australian lasterzaak.

Bauer, supported by many Australian media companies, made in February objected to the height of the original payout. Thursday suspended the court the amount, thus, up to 600,000 Australian dollars (383.000 euro). “There was no basis in the evidence for the giving of damages for economic loss”, was the verdict.

Wilson was Thursday, not in the courtroom, but in a tweet on Wednesday, she said that her case “never to the money went”.

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