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Putin sees the Russians with a high score win against a weak Saudi’s

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Russia has the opening match of the world cup with surprising ease won. After a little more than 10 minutes, the Russians, the score against an incredibly weak Saudi Arabia. Eventually saw president Putin, the Russians with a 5-0 win.

The setting of this opening race was one of the most impressive that you can imagine. The Luzhniki Stadium has a beautiful esplanade where Michel Louwagie, in Belgium are also unique platforms in the Ghelamco Arena, would get very jealous. Also around the stadium is a great place to be. A beautiful park where the supporters with a ticket for a walk, relax with a pint of drink. A design that dates back more than half a century ago, but modern in approach. That location was in contrast with the atmosphere. Fortunately, there were also some South Americans around because otherwise did advance much too little to the presumption that the organizing country here pots wanted to break. A football game came, no openingsduel of the world cup.

The opening ceremony flashed and glitterde again, with Robbie Williams in the lead role. We could see the Russian soprano Aida Garifullina also best flavors. Her appearance cursed, however, with the English rebel-retired Williams, who couldn’t let his middle finger to show. Why? For his performance, what historical value may be. Oh. A matter of taste surely?

Low in FIFA ranking

With Iker Casillas the World Cup in the stadium brought with him and Ronaldo, the most rounded of the two Ronaldo’s that the World player of the Year, they kicked, the event officially on corridor drew was back on football to be considered. Putin came in between with his obligatory speech, and FIFA president Gianni Infantino did that still obligater. Of speech, there was not much there. What cries. But that, too, was not surprising.

Nor is the competition. Two countries on the FIFA ranking is the lowest of all world cup participants, 70th and 67th, would, in terms of quality not much to offer. That turned out to be also. Saudi Arabia was downright weak. The defense hung like loose sand on each other and should be glad that it is against Russia. Remarkable that after all these years and the procession of foreign coaches that passed that game the saudis still stereotyped. Fun with the ball of the foot, but to many that is little to much, to slow buildup and lack of surrender. Demulcent: those guys are in the midst of their ramadan and in Moscow, the sun sets very late in the and she stands there in the morning to four again. Such a long time without food or drink has its influence for these muslims, that is also true. Technically the Russians certainly are not better but they made it on bet, a bit more depth and opportunism.

Igor with the pet

The tame audience was there for a long time is not hot. The goals were celebrated, but only in the 60th minute the cry was heard, “Russia, Russia” by the stadium. The Russian football fans were happy that they are an embarrassment were saved, but faith in the greatest deeds, there was until then not yet. However, scored Gazinsky and Good handsome goals. Especially the 2-0 of a substitute Good. A bad pass from Zobnin wipte the player of Villarreal neatly on the hopeless tackelende Saudi defenders before the ball is dry to shoot.

The Russians only became enthusiastic when Dzyuba, have known of his matches with Zenit St. Petersburg against AA Gent and Anderlecht, 3-0 binnenkopte. Good, that invader of the first goal, kicked in the injury time with buitenkantje foot, still a fine 4-0 within. Golovin provided with a free-kick for 5-0.

A big win, the first since October of last year, that the homeland needed to be Igor with the Pet a bit more in their team to make you believe. Vladimir Putin could laugh. But there is by the soft defence of the Saudi’s no guarantee that the laughter will remain

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