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Putin: “Hope that everyone has friends in hospitable Russia

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After an opening ceremony with a performance by pop star Robin Williams has Russian president Vladimir Putin the world football CHAMPIONSHIP of 2018 was officially opened. It is now especially afraid to wait for Putin or his team’s world cup chances not immediately mortgaging.

Robbie Williams and the Brazilian legend Ronaldo had the opening ceremony on hallway stairs. The British pop star sang in his hit ‘Let me entertain you!’. The enfant terrible could not let his middle finger to raise to the camera.

Then wished Vladimir Putin everybody a nice world cup. “I hope that everyone here having fun and make new friends in our friendly country.’ Also Fifa president Gianni Infantino was not a word to say: “football will Russia conquer and from Russia all over the world. It Also Russia.’

Host country Russia, it is now in the opening match against Saudi Arabia. For the host country and for Fifa there is a lot at stake. What if the Russians, not even the saudis can win, with recent narrow defeats against Italy and Germany, proved not such a bite-sized chunk? The men of coach Stanislav Tsjertsjesov already on the verge of the shutdown: the Egypt of the fast-recovering superstar Mohammed Salah and groepsfavoriet Uruguay are a lot more difficult opponents.

Two hours after the first whistle, the host member state may so tonight all virtual off. For the experience and for the finance, that would be a disaster: fill in all that fandorpen but once, and try to use all those tickets and merchandising, but look at the man.

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