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Preud’homme suggested itself to deal with Standard to blow after the success of Sa Pinto

That coach Ricardo Sa Pinto after one season at Standard, despite the cup, and strong play-offs already had to clean up for Michel Preud’homme, struck last month in like a bomb. Chairman Bruno Venanzi, however, had already an agreement with Preud’homme beginning of 2018, when the Rouches are not well played. “I myself have several times said that I would understand if he is of the opinion would change, but he was very convincing,” said Preud’homme at Standard TV.

“After a sabbatical year I am fully ready for a new challenge,” says Michel Preud’homme. “After a lot of discussions, no negotiations, in which the chairman (Bruno Venanzi) project proposed and told her what he wanted, I said yes.”

“He was very convincing: he has a lot of time and energy plugged in to convince me. So we have each other to learn to appreciate as a human being and that has certainly played a role in my decision. We have each other several times met – first informally – but when I said that I wanted to do it did the club, unfortunately not good. That was somewhere in the beginning of the year. Afterwards, did Standard it is fortunately better and I also many times said that I after those successes would understand if he is of the opinion would change. I would have no problem with that had – I know football – but each time he replied that he knew what he wanted with the club and that he me needed. He was very convincing.”

Last command

“Given my age and my triple function this is likely to be my last assignment, when it’s time to quit as a coach, I will have other roles within the club and that the medium and long term interests me greatly. This way I can ensure stability. That is the purpose of this project, a bit similar to Club Brugge, and there is still succeeded if you look at the successes of the last four years looks.”

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