Philemon Persez and Mireille Puis married

a9513345d16217c3a759b3d8b833f2e1 - Philemon Persez and Mireille Puis married

Tuesday was filming 20 on the planning of The Colleague’s 2.0, the new feature film from director Jan Verheyen, based on the concept of the legendary colleagues. It was a huwelijksscène with the original colleagues, their appearance made.
None other than René Verreth (Philemon Persez) and Nele Rosiers (Mireille Puis) there were in the marriage. Between the attendees of the party, the dove still part of the old colleagues. So were also Jaak Van Assche (Jean De Pesser), Tuur De Weert (Gilbert Van Hie), Nora Tilley (Caroline Of Kersenbeke), Johny Voners (Thierry De Vucht) and Agnes De Nul (Kris Berlo) on the set. (see photo and short video clip below)
The current colleagues are played by Ben Segers, Steve Geerts, Veerle Dobbelaere, Ikram Aoulad, Eva van der Gucht, Tatyana Beloy, Mathijs F. Scheepers, Mathias Vergels, Jurgen Delnaet, Steph Goossens and newcomer Loes Swaenepoel.

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