Penalty for Atlético after banner

807b3882e417b89698084c7512d76e52 - Penalty for Atlético after banner

Atlético Madrid holds still a punishment to the final win of the Europa League against Olympique Marseille.

Fireworks and flares at the beginning of the Europa League final.

The European bond UEFA has ruled that the Spanish team the next home game in a European context, a part of the stands have to close.

Atlético will get the punishment because the supporters of the Spanish club during the final in Lyon was a banner with a racist text showed. For the fireworks, got the team to the final with 3-0 and won a fine of 2000 euro. The box that is empty must remain at least 3000 seats contain, according to the UEFA.

The UEFA has also irregularities of the fans of Marseille studied, but about those things later ruling.

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