Olcay Gülşen going klusprogramma present

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RTL comes with a new klusprogramma with a school in Rotterdam-South is being converted into six apartments. The recordings in and around the former school in the District starting July 1, and more than half a year later completed. The presentation of the RTL program is The Homebuilders will be provided by the Rotterdammer Herman den Blijker and Olcay Gülşen.

The selection procedure but also the alterations in the school building to be filmed by camera crews who regularly are present. They are filming all bouwontwikkelingen. In addition to the developments in and around the building there is a statue erected of the emerging District and the city of Rotterdam. The purchase of a property obliged to participate in the television program.

The six potential buyers are selected on the basis of their creative and original verbouwplannen. After that, the new owners started to make their droomwensen to achieve.

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